Irish Orienteering Championships 2018
Orienteering in north west Ireland


Ease your journey to the North West

You are about to set off to the North West of Ireland to your base for a weekend of top quality orienteering. For those of you who have checked out every part of this website you will have come across the google map link to the various venues.

Now you get to use it to ease your journeys across the weekend, by following these instructions;

  • Open the IOC website ( on your phone.

  • Click on the link in this blog or the direct link in the 'Useful Links' section 

  • This will open a map of orienteering locations in Ireland, that Fingal Orienteers have been building up over the years, with the IOC2018 events at the top of the list

  • Tap on the event venue you are going to (the map pins are on the parking area for each)

  • Tap the DIRECTIONS button et voila.......stress free driving!

Click on MORE INFO to get access to the map legend on a mobile device
(an installation of google maps on your mobile device is a prerequisite. Optionally a data connection is useful as you can download directions in a wifi zone but that is for another blog)