Irish Orienteering Championships 2018
Orienteering in north west Ireland


Event team visit Finner

The Fingal relay event team that visited the Finner army camp in Donegal over the Easter weekend encountered sand dunes at their very best.

The army officer in charge welcomed us at the gate and treated us to some fascinating background and insights into the history of the camp.

The sand dunes and exercise fields had dried out after the worst of the winter rain and storms and now a varied wildlife with spring flowers and numerous rabbits greeted us in the fresh wind. 

In the background were stunning views of the sea and the blueish Donegal and Sligo mountains.

It soon became obvious that orienteering among these sand dunes wouldn't be easy. The terrain is intricate and requires caution and very detailed navigation. It is easy to lose your bearings among the many similar-looking sand features and once lost it can be time-consuming to find your way again.

It would also be appropriate to warn about the many rabbit holes dug in the sand that could cause problems for unsuspecting runners.

Overall, the Relay at Finner sand dunes promise to be a great event and a suitable finish to four days of exciting IOC 2018 orienteering in the North-west of Ireland. 

Fingal Orienteers are looking forward to welcoming orienteering friends at the gates of the Finner camp on Monday May 7th.