Irish Orienteering Championships 2018
Orienteering in north west Ireland


A recce to Donegal

Gab (day 2 co-ordinator) and myself (day 2 planner) had plans made in early February to travel down to Donegal to check the parking for the classic distance race. However, the weather put paid to that with snow and ice a constant since.

On Friday evening the 17th though, Saturday the 18th looked like a reasonable option. So we headed off early morning on the three hour trip to Tawnawully.

On surveying the community centre, we reckon that we can fit about 70 cars in the grounds and there is an area at the rear that can hold the volunteer cars. Minibuses and vans can be held at a small car park about 600 metres back up towards the N15. We also called in to The Arches guest house and asked if we could park some cars outside the front wall. We also picked up a business card for their website, in case people are interested in staying there.

Thereafter, we travelled up the mountain towards the race area to check phone coverage. There is coverage up there, at least at the gate about 1km from the start area. This is the area that will probably have the clothing tent and water for returning runners.

Next, it was over to Barnsmore (have included a map segment of Day 3) for a quick look about. There is still some snow on the race area but the melting has left the area very wet. I found it difficult to read some of the features in centre map. We wanted to check phone coverage here also. There is phone coverage at the bus drop area but none in the terrain itself. The bus drop area will also have a clothing tent come race day.

After that it was back on the road, for the journey home.