Irish Orienteering Championships 2018
Orienteering in north west Ireland

Day 1

Day 1

Provisional information


Clayton Hotel and Institute of Technology Sligo

Organised by Sligo Orienteers


Now open on Fabian4 here

Entries close at midnight on Sunday 15th April 2018.

Start times are from 18.00 to 19.30 Courses will close at 20:00

Elite runners are seeded and will not have a choice of start time.

There will be no entry on the day.

Courses and classes are as specified in the Irish Rules of Orienteering:


Courses, Length, Male Classes, Female Classes

1, 3.0k, M21, M20

2, 2.6k, M35, M18, M40, W21, W20

3, 2.3k, M45, M50, M16, W18

4, 2.2k, M14, M55, M60, W16, W14, W35, W40, W45

5, 1.6k, M65, M70, M75, M80, M85 M90, W50, W55, W60, W65,W70, W75, W80, W85, W90

6, 1.5k, M12, M10, W12, W10


Planner: Frank Ryan (WEGO)

Organiser: Aubrey Eliot (SOC)

Controller: Padraig Higgins (SOC)


The competition area comprises The Institute of Technology Sligo Campus and The Clayton Hotel Grounds. Thanks to the Institute of Technology, Sligo and the Clayton Hotel for permission to use the areas.

Grid Ref : G 702 368

Lat , 54.281728 Long -. -8.461173


Parking is in The Clayton Hotel car park


There is effectively no climb on the courses and the running surface is perhaps 80% concrete or tarmac, with some grass.

The Institute of Technology Sligo campus consists of a number of buildings spread over the area, with some grassy patches, car parks, sports pitches and clumps of trees. There are flowerbeds, areas of cultivation and private areas on the map shown in olive green. These are out of bounds.

There are some hedges, walls, and fences marked as “not to be crossed” on the map. You are not allowed to cross these even if you find a gap or a low part. If you go into a prohibited area, or cross an “un crossable” feature you will be disqualified. If you find a red and white tape emphasising a feature, this is to remind you that you must not cross it.

There are some roofed passageways, pass-throughs and canopies in the area, shown in light grey on the map. You may go into these. You may not pass through or enter any buildings through doors while on the course.

The Clayton Hotel is mostly short grass with tarmac paths, patches of trees

Running shoes or orienteering shoes with rubber studs are the best footwear for the terrain. Metal-tipped studs (dobb spikes) should not be worn. There is no requirement to wear long legs or full body cover.


The map is A4 ISSOM standard 1:4000 scale with 2.5 m contours, drawn by Padraig Higgins and updated in Spring 2018 for this event.

Control descriptions will be printed on the map, in IOF symbols for courses 1-5 and in English for course 6. Loose control descriptions will be available at the start.

The map will be printed on waterproof paper.

Controls will not be SI Air-enabled. A sample control will be set up in the pre-start area for you to practice with before the start. Controls will be either mounted on stakes, on trestles or will be attached to fixed objects, depending on the nature of the control site.

There is a spectator control for all courses at about two thirds of the course.


There is no need to come to Registration unless you need to collect or change an SI card: you can go directly to the start. Registration, results download, prize giving etc will be in front of the hotel weather permitting.


Controls will be SportIdent. SI Air (SIAC) will NOT be enabled.

Out of bounds

The competition area is out of bounds to orienteers until they have run, with the exception of marked routes from Parking to Registration, Start and Finish arena. Sorry, but this rule does not apply to ITS students!


There may be some slow-moving traffic in the competition area, either from staff /students or to access the ITS Sports Centre. The campus will be open to the public during the competition so please be careful running in the area, particularly when rounding corners, that you don’t collide with another runner or with anyone else.

If the weather is wet, some surfaces may be slippery, so competitors are advised to wear suitable footwear and to take care. Wet leaves may also make the ground slippery.

There is a road crossing on all courses. There will be a marshal there to monitor traffic but it is your responsibility to cross the road safely. Traffic will be light and slow-moving but watch out for cyclists, here, on the campus and in the hotel.


The start is in the Institute of Technology. There will be a punching start, no matter what kind of SI card you are using. Start times will be assigned in the days before the competition and will run from 17.00 to 18.30. Courses will close at 19.30. Start times will be published on the Fabian 4 website.

Call-up will be at -3 minutes. Clear and check boxes for SI cards will be located in the call-up area. Loose control descriptions will be available in the start boxes. Competitors will punch the start and then take their maps. It is the responsibility of each competitor to ensure that they have cleared their SI card, that they punch the start and that they check they have taken the correct map.


You must punch the finish to record your finish time. You must download and return any rented or borrowed SI cards.

Clothing transfer

Parking, Start, Finish and Registration are close to one another so no clothing transfer will be provided.


Download will be located in the tent near the finish.


Prize giving

Prize giving will be in front of the hotel weather permitting as soon as possible (2000 hrs approx).


This is an urban event and there will be non-orienteers in the area so be sensible and don’t leave valuables unattended