Irish Orienteering Championships 2018
Orienteering in north west Ireland

Day 2

Day 2
Middle Distance

Provisional information


Barnsmore West, Donegal Town, Co. Donegal

Organised by Fingal Orienteers

Entries to the event are now open at Entries page 

Entries close at midnight on Sunday 15th April 2018.

There will be two non-championship Entry - On - Day courses available, Orange on course 7 and Yellow on course 9.

Start times are from 13.30 to 15.30 Courses will close at 17.30

Elite runners are seeded and will not have a choice of start time.

Courses and classes are as specified in the Irish Rules of Orienteering.


Course, Length, Class

1, 5.6km, M21E, M18E, M20E

2, 4.6km, M35, M40, M45, M50

3, 4.4km, W21E, W18E, W20E

4, 3.6km, M16, M55, M60S, W35

5, 3.2km, M65, W16,W40, W45, W50, W55, W60S

6, 2.5km, M70, M14, W65, W14

7, 2.1km, M12, W12

8, 1.9km, M75, M80, W70, W75

9, 1.45km, M10, W10

10, 1.35km, M85, M90, W80, W85, W90

Course details are subject to final controlling.


Planner:       Tommy Burke (Fingal Orienteers)

Controller: Des Fletcher (NWOC)

Organiser:  Bernie Sharkey (Fingal Orienteers)


Please note that entries for the championship will close at midnight on Sunday  15th  April. Entry fees are:

                                               Adults Junior/Students/OAPs Families

On or before February 28th     €18                  €9                   €45

On or before March 31st         €20                  €10                 €50

On or before April 15th           €24                  €12                €60

Non-championship entry on the day    

There will be two non-championship Entry-On-Day courses available, Orange on course 7 and Yellow on course 9.      


The competition area will be open mountain area at Barnsmore West,

Grid Ref: H 030 818

Latitude, 54.68472

Longitude, -7.95256

Parking and Course Centre

will be at Leghowney Community Centre, Leghowney, Donegal

Grid Ref:  G 992 793

Latitude, 54°39'45" 

Longitude, -8.01198

NOTE: Transport to the race area will be by bus from the Community Centre and will take up to 15 minutes. The Community centre will be available for toilets, bag storage and refreshments.  One shower is available in each of the toilet facilities. A clothing tent will be available near the start. The drop off will be about 5 minutes from the Start and 10 minutes from the finish. There will be no access to the race area for any other vehicles, except organisers.


Barnsmore is an area of rough open moorland. There is very little in the way of line features but a lot of brown and black type feature detail. There are also plenty of blue water features.  It is expected that the going underfoot will be wet. Hence, courses have been shortened a little from the norm.  Long leg cover must be worn. Depending on the weather, a cagoule, hat and gloves may be compulsory. There will, however, be a no whistle no go rule in force. .


The map is A4 standard 1:10000 scale with  5m contours, surveyed and drawn by Val Jones and is a brand new map for orienteering, surveyed 2017/2018.

Control descriptions will be printed on the map. Loose control descriptions will be available at the start.

The map will be printed on waterproof paper.


Sportident will be in operation but the controls will not be SI Air-enabled. Controls will be mounted on stakes.


There is no need to come to Registration unless you need to collect or change an SI card: you can go directly to the start. Registration, results, download, etc will be in Leghowney Community Hall.


All courses will use conventional SI cards.

If you don’t have an SI card at all, there will be a €2 rental charge for to rent.

Out of bounds

The competition area is out of bounds to orienteers until they have run.


In the interest of safety, all orienteers will be checked out at the call up to the start and also checked in at the finish. Please report your SI number when finishing.


There will be a punching start. Start times will be assigned in the days before the competition and will run from 13.30 to 15.30. Courses will close at 17.30. Start times will be published on the Fabian 4 website.

Call-up will be at -3 minutes. Clear and check boxes for SI cards will be located in the call-up area. Loose control descriptions will be available in the start boxes. Competitors will punch the start and then take their maps. It is the responsibility of each competitor to ensure that they have cleared their SI card, that they punch the start and that they check they have taken the correct map.


You must punch the finish to record your finish time. You must download and return any rented or borrowed SI cards. Please note that the download will be in Leghowney Community Hall and competitors should head there immediately on leaving the bus.

Clothing transfer

Start, Finish and Registration are close to one another so no clothing transfer will be provided. There will be a clothing tent provided near the bus stop on the mountain.


Download will be located in Leghowney Community Hall.


Prize giving

Prize giving will be in the Bluestack Centre, on Sunday evening, May 6th, after the IOA AGM.

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